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February Open Consignment and Antique and Collectable Auction

February Open Consignment Auction


Antiques and Collectables


Ring # 1 @ 10:00 am

" Antiques and Collectables "


Ring # 2 @ 11:00 am

" Shop Tools and Supplies, Vehicles and RV's "

Antique and Household Auction for Irene and Ron Poitras

Barn Lanterns-11

Smaller China Cabinet

Bigger China Cabinet

Mini Lanterns-8 

Carasen Gas Lamp

Perfume Lamps-6

Cole Lamps- 16

Small lamps

Metal butter turns-2

Glass butter turn

Musical train shot glass

2 old playing cards

Sealer jar

Crock jugs-2

Bird houses-3

 1 red pockadot cup

Orange crush bottles-2

Enamel large pot

Enamel tea pot

Enamel kettle pot

Enamel dipper

Miniature gas pump

Rail road lamps

Enamel cups 4 (two have long handles

2x 10 lb Gainers lard pails (1 with cover)

2x 3 lb lard pail Gainers and Burns (no covers)

2 blue ribbon baking powder cans

Nabob cinnamon can

 Tabacco cans

Syrup Cans

 John Deere pail and cover

Horse collar with mirror

Mexican hat

Wood clock

Large white dish pans-3

Tin dishes-6

Tin tea pot

Cream pails-2

Double masher


Tea can

Spieces cans-4

Tea cup/ saucer orange fire king- 30

Tea cups orange fire king-7

Small dessert bowls fire king orange-2

Soup bowls orange fire king-6

Medium bowl orange fire king

Large bowls orange fire king-3

Coffee cups orange fire king -13

Cream cups orange fire king-2

Sugar bowls orange fire king-2

Box of assorted dishes (9 pieces)

Antique butter dish

White fire king saucer/tea cups

Pyrex dish/ small gravy bowl – 1 set

2 boxes of assorted salt and pepper shakers

Brown fire king cups -2

Small green fire king bowl

Medium green fire king

White fire king saucer/cup

Flat dishes (flowers on them)- 2

1 butter dish (glass)

1 glass candy dish

Candy dish fire king- 2

Small platters-2

Candy dish glass (yellow)

Medium bowl (flaven)

Brass tea pots-2

Brass elephants-2

Shot glasses- 5

Coca cola glass tall cup

Box of assorted dishes

Coca cola table and 2 chairs

Antique assorted jars- 10

2 team horses and wagon ornaments

Dog statues

Teapots (cats on it)

Large punch bowls

Glass bowls -4

Serving platter ( happy anniversary)

Fruit bowl glass (grapes and leaves)

Ornaments (man and woman)-2

1 small box of little containers

John Deere combine toy

Picture wall hanging

Wall mirror- white frame

Hand-carved Bar from Singapore

5 cent slot machine off cruise ship (in good working condition)

Champion 6500 generator

china cabinet

wood stove

gas cans

wood heater

cabbage cutters

old table

push mower


steel tractor seat

asst tins enamel cookware

asst coal oil lamps

fire king dishes 

Garage service light with original box

Tobacco tins

Long box oak phone

Railway station chair 

Child’s chair

Railway memorabilia 

Beaver jars

Delft items

Oil cans

Two toy trucks 

Pop bottles

Well pulleys 

Enamel coffee pot

China cups and saucers

Sears and Easton’s vintage catalogs 


Coloured fruit jars

Crocks, 2,3,4,5,8 & 10gallon

Pickle crock with original label 

5 gal Medalta butter churn

5 glass service station oil bottles 

Coin sets

Silver dollars

Scotty dog lamp

Aladdin lamp

2 mantel clocks

Coffee grinder

Gold railway watch

Leg hold traps 


And much more. 




due to the weather condition on Sept 22 this auction has been RESCHEDULED for SATURDAY OCT 13 AT 10AM (Viewing from 8am)



11032 154 Street











Real Estate and Unreserved Household and Antique Tractor Sale Dan Moskal

Undiscovered Antiquities and Consignment Auction

1Antique Washer – Made in Canada

2Tumble Churn – Has been repaired to make it work

3Antique Clothes Wash Ringer – Made by Maxwells Limited, St. Marys, Ontario

4Old Steamer Trunk

5Old Pipe – Made in Germany – with 2 pc. Porcelain Bowl

6Smaller Old Pipe – Made in Germany – with 2 pc. Porcelain Bowl

7Oil Lamp w/Brass Base, Floral Font and Shade

8Finger Oil Lamp w/Chimney

9Oil Lamp w/Clear Font – has Chimney

10Old Oil Lamp – Turning Purple – with Chimney

11Wooden Tobacco Container

12Small Marble Clock

13Wooden Clock – Muin & Sons, Glascow, Scotland – Working

14Sessions Wooden Clock – Missing Glass

151861 Marble Ansonia Clock Co., New York, NY

16Old Wooden Clock

17Marble Clock – Early 1900's

18Wooden Clock – Early 1900's – Sold by Atkins, Porter & Co. – Made in Connecticut, USA

194 Milk Bottles

203 Books on Antiques

213 Books on Antiques

224 Books on Antiques

23Green Bottle – W. Forsyth Ltd. Wine Merchants

241932 Seagrams 83 Whiskey Brown Bottle

25Old Decorated Decanter

26Purple Bottle – Patented June 29, 1897 – #27261 & a Ball Hyceia Measured Bottle

27Cast Iron Cistern Well Pump

28Medalta Lamp Base – Brown & Beige

29Medalta Vase – Blue/Green

30Sister Toy Sewing Machine

31Simplicity Toy Sewing Machine

32Medalta Lamp Bases (2) – Not Marked

33Medalta Lamp Bases (2) – Not Marked

34Singer (Tiny Tailer) Toy Sewing Machine

35Bandail Toy Sewing Machine

36Medalta Bowls (3)

37Redcliff Pottery Plant Pot

38Medalta Vase and 1 Unmarked Vase

39Medalta 3 Gal. Crock and a 1 Gallon Crock

40Flat of Misc. Collector Itesm – Wooden Rolling Pin; Tins; Old Bike Light

41Green & Red Freight Wagon

42Grey Cherub Bell

43Cast 3 Bell Unit – Painted Black & Yellow

443 Small Farm Animal Neck Bells

45Brass & Enamel School Bell – 5 3/4" (14 1/2 cm) x 10" Tall

46John Deere Match Box Holder

47Dark Green Match Box Holder

48Brass Ship Style Hanging Bell – 4 5/8" (12 cm)

49Brass School Bell with Dark Handle – 5 5/8" (14 cm) x 12" Tall

50School Bell with Brown Handle – 4 5/8" (14 cm) x 10" Tall

51Cow Bell – Green Enamel

52Cow Bell – Black Enamel

53Oil Lamps (5)

541960's Photography Eqt. – Movie Cameras; Slide Projector; Film Reels; Kodak Polaroid Camera; Lights

55Ceramic Bowls (2) – White & Brown

56Old Napkin Press

57Sleeping Indian (8) and Medalta Plates

58#2 Medalta Bean Pot (No Lid) & #2 Medalta Bean Pot (with Lid)

591 Medalta; 1 Ceramic; 1 Crown Imperial Sugar Bowls with Lids

60Sleeping Indian #202 Bowl – by Medalta

61Medalta Potteries Yellow Vase & Another Vase – Possibly Medalta

62Medalta #3 Milk Pitcher & Another Milk Pitcher from Qualicum, B.C.

63Medalta Stoneware Crock – 2 Gallon

64Round Hard Cardboard Container w/Silver Shot Goblets (Silver?)

65Small Brown Medalta Sugar Bowl

66Hauf Brau Steins (2)

674 Collector Bottles & 3 Collector Jars

68Flat of Misc. Collectibles – 4 Classic Die Cast Trucks; Old Mirror; Sm. Machine Oil Dropper, etc.

69Box of Sewing Collectibles

704 Ceramic Pieces

71Lighting Tapers – Metal Tube

72Couch & Matching Arm Chair – Emerald Green – Velour Material – Excellent Condition

73Solid wood Dining Table with 6 Chairs

74Small 3" Brass Bells (2)

75Cast Iron Red Fire House Bell – 7" (17 1/2cm)

76Bell – 4" (10 cm) and a Brass Bell – 3 1/2" (9 cm)

77School Bell – 5 3/8" (13 1/2 cm) x 12" tall

78Ship's Bell – Wall Mountable – 6" (15 cm)

79Large Cow Bell – 9 1/2" Tall

80Wall Mount Bell – 4 5/8" (11 1/2 cm) & a Brass Bell – 4 3/4" (12 cm) x 10" Tall

81Red & Black Grist Mill Grinder – Sanded, Primed and Painted Original Colour

82Beacon GSW Quality Barn Lantern – Wind Proof – Good Globe & a Wick

83No. 3 Barn Lantern – E.T. Wright Ltd. – with Good Globe and a Wick

84Victorian Era Hanging Oil Lamp with Shade and Adjustable Hanger

85Hanging Brass Store Lamp with Harp Hanger and Shade. Used over the cash register in the 1930's

86Royal Albert (England) Dishes – 9 Dinner, 8 Bread, 8 Dessert, 9 Small Side Plates

87Royal Albert Old Country Rose (England)  – Tea Pot & 7 Tea Cups and Saucers

88Royal Albert Old Country Rose (England)  – 8 Coffee Cups

89Royal Albert Old Country Rose (England) Gravy Boat with Plate; Clock Plate

90Royal Albert Old Country Rose (England) – 2 Cream & Sugar Sets; 2 Salt & Pepper Sets

91Royal Albert Old Country Rose (England) – 3 Serving Bowls; 2 Serving Platters

92Royal Albert Old Country Rose (England) – 2 Oval Condiment Dishes

93Royal Albert Old Country Rose (England) – 4 Round Condiment Dishes

94Royal Albert Old Country Rose (England) – 1 Candy Dish & 1 Rectangle Serving Plate

95Royal Albert Old Country Rose  – 1 Pickle Fork; 1 Hors D'Oeuvre Fork; 1 Butter Knife; 1 Jam Spoon

96Royal Albert Old Country Rose – 6 Place Mats; 4 Large Place Mats

97Royal Albert Tranquility Pattern (England) – 36 Completer Pieces

98Royal Albert Cornflower Pattern (England) – Cream, Sugar and Plate

99Royal Albert Christmas Pat. Cup&Saucer; Inspiration Pat.(Saucer) & Phoenix Bone China Cup & Saucer

100Shelf Sitters (10) From Family of Friends

101Keeper Shelf Sitters (10)

102Old Oliver Twist Collector Plate – Made in England

103Red Wing Pottery Jug – 5 Gal. – Made in Minnesota, USA

104Red Wing Pottery Butter Churn – 5 Gal. – Made in Minesota, USA – with Wood Lid & Churn Paddle

105Medalta 5 Gal. Ice Water Crock

106Stackable Medalta Jug

107Medalta Crock – 12 Gallon – Bottom is cracked

108Medalta #5 Crock Lid – Very hard to find

109Medalta #4 Crock Lid – Very hard to find

110Medalta Cookie Jar – no lid

111Large Pink Blue Mountain Pottery Vase

112Large Blue Mountain Pottery Fish Vase

113Blue Mountain Pottery Tulip Vase

114Blue Mountain Pottery Owl

1152 Blue Mountain Pottery Water Pitchers with Long Sweeping Handles

116Tall Blue Mountain Pottery Water Pitcher

117Large Blue Mountain Pottery Vase with 2 Handles

118Blue Mountain Pottery Water Pitcher – Harvest Gold

119Blue Mountain Pottery Vase – Harvest Gold  – with 2 Handles

120Medalta #2 Bean Pot with Embossed "Catelli" Lettering – Very Rare

121Blue Mountain Pottery pcs. – Seal, Otter, Penguins and a Small Water Pitcher

122Blue Mountain Fish pcs (2) and a Callingwood, Ontario Canada Plate

123Blue Mountain Pottery Silver Jublilee Plate & an Avon 1979 Christams Plate

124Blue Mountain Pottery 1976 Christmas Plate & a 50th Anniv. Of Sunoco in Canada Plate

125Medalta #10 Crock Lid – Very hard to find

126Medalta #2 Crock Lid — Very had to find

1273 Oil Lamps with Chimneys

128Lees Corn Cutter and a Suncor Thermos

129Blue Mountain Pottery Spring Water Cooler with Spigot (no lid)

130Royal Albert Vase & Porcelain Flowers (some petals are broken)

131Replica Gold Crown Visual Gasoline Pump

132Tin Riding Goose (China); Motivation Wall Hanging & Candle Box

133Shilo Glass Flattened Bottle with Cork

134Electric Open Sign in Working Condition

1355¢ Peanut Dispenser – Cobalt Blue

136Old Country Farm Pictures (3)

137Vintage Games (10) – in one box

138Large Insulator & Paint Gun – in a mandarin box

139Old Brass Torch

140Fireplace Tool Set

141Lawn Sprinkler – Circa 1950's

142Wooden Barrel Spigots (2) & Yard Sticks (2)

143Biltmore Hat Box

144Box of Green Insulators

145Milk Bottle Carrier with 3 Milk Bottles

146Old Clothes Washer Plunger

147Enamel Ware (3 pcs)

148Jam Crock and a Cookie Jar

149Collection of Tea Pots

150Collection of Salt & Pepper Shakers

151Chinese Urns – Rose Pattern on Wooden Pedestals (2)

152Pyrex Bowls (3) and a Duck Cookie Jar

153Vintage Bread Box

154Flat of Miscellaneous Trivets

155Box of 30 – 33 RPM Records

156Metal Framed Mirrors (2)

157Portable Gramaphone – 1950's – with a Crank – Working

158Vintage Monarch Portable Sewing Machine

159Child's Vintage Table with 1 Chair

160Vintage Sewing Box – Expandable

161Metal Water Cooler

162Milk Bottles (3) and a Grain Scoop

1632 Pedestal Serving Plates

1642 Collector Tins

1653 Sets of Wood Beverage Coasters; Wood Cannisters & 2 Brass pcs.

166Vintage Make-up Travel Overnight Case

167Bean Pots (2)

1684 Books

1692 Collector Tins

170Box of Marbles and a Puppet

171Flat of Miscellaneous Wares

1723 Brass Collectibles

173Vintage Horner Accordian – Working – In a Case

1742 Collector Tins

175Vintage Coffee Perculator

176Children's Table & 2 Folding Chairs

177Vintage Laundry Hampers (2)

178Wooden Stool & Upholstered Stool

1792 Vintage Telephones – 1 is a Dial and 1 is a Push Button

180Oil Lamp – in the Original Box

181Magazine Rack and a Wood Bin

182Tupperware Storage Containers (5)

1831950's Cannisters (2)

184Table Sweep and a Dust Collector

185Jewelery Box with Contents

1862 Tier Table

187Children's Play Tea Set

188Vintage Small Chrome Table with One Leaf

189Wooden Chairs (7)

190Dining Table (Made of Rubber Tree Wood) with 4 Chairs

191Vintage Russian Samovar (Coffee Perculator) – Works Well

192Vintage Peanut Dispenser

193Weather Vane – Cast Iron & Copper – with Working Clocks – New Movements

194Beam Scale

195Enamel Parlor Pot

196Bread Storage Can

197Bushel Apple Basket

198Vintage End Table

199Swifts Brookfield Collector Tin

200Team Yoke

201Vintage Pick, Shovel and Hoe

202Buckeye Central Railroad Picture

203Hanging Oak Showcase – Used to Display Hockey Stick Collection

204Antique Singer Treadle Sewing Machine – Patented 1886 – One of a Kind

205Canadiana Cabinet

206Vintage Cabinet with 2 Drawers & Bottom Doors

207Bamboo Frame Mirror

208High Chair with Back

209Fire Suppressor (Red) with Bracket

210Dining Chairs – Upholstered (4)

211Vintage Clock – Arthur Pequegnat Clock Company, Berlin, Canada – w/Oak Case & Key – Working

2124 Brass Hogs

213Brass Bull

214Bench with Cast Iron Legs and Wooden Seat

215Small Yard Bench

216Wash Stand

217Dresser with Harp, 2 Drawers & Large Bevelled Mirror

218Vintage Magazine Stand

219Rocking Chair

220Heavy Metal Shell Gas Barrel

221Heavy Metal UFA Gas Barrel

222Cream Can – 8 Gallon

223Unique Saw Blade – Placed in a pc. of Hardwood

224Medalta Butter Churn – #5 – No Lid

225Medalta Sleepy Indian Crock – #2

226Medalta Crock – #8

227Block Plane

228Wash Board

229Small Wash Board

230Small Cream Can

231Corbett Creamery Pail

232Small Wicker Rocking Chair

233Broad Axe Head and a Pick Axe Head

2342 Grub Hoes with Original Handles

2352 Draw Knives

236Ukranian Chain Saw and a Bear Trap

2373 Hay Knives

238Cross Cut Saw – 6 ft.

239Team Oxen Yoke

240Set of Metal Hames

241Antique Wall Mount Catillion  Scale

242Vintage Horse Yoke

243Etched Wall Mirror

244Flat of Salt & Pepper Shakers

245Flat of Salt & Pepper Shakers

246Box of 40 – 33 RPM Records

247Safety Gas Can

248Aluminum Box-Like Cooler

249Vernon, B.C. Fruit Crate

250Canada Dry Beverage Shell

251Carriage Light

252Pressure Pump and a Pick Axe Head

253Horse Shoes Game (Shoes only)

254Air Pistols (3), CO2 and BB's – All Under 1200 FPS

255Country Maid Butter Advertising

2563 Framed Prints

257Beach Boys 1965 Poster

258Bundle of Wood Carving Tools

259Case of Die Cast Toys

260Flat of Collectible Birds

261Collectible Comics – Archie; Rickie Rich; Popeye & Laugh

262Bundle of Archie Digest Books

263Vintage Hockey Gloves

264Pharmaceutical Scales with Provenance

265Leather Fire Chief Badge

266Kay Beginners Banjo with Case

267Cassette Carriers (2)

268Old Road Flare

2692 Vintage Multi-Meters

27078 RPM Records (11)

271Cast Iron Airplanes (2) – in boxes

2726 Old Spoons and a Coffee Perculator

2734 Laboratory Beakers

274License Plates (5)

275Fishing Tackle Box

276Toy Tin Truck

277Toy Tin Dump Truck

278Ammunition Box (no lid); Canteen; Flashlight & Knife

279Caleco Game and a Marble Ashtray

280Vintage Tea Pot


282Bakelite Clock – Made in Great Britain – With a Key


284Wool Sorter

285Old Nylon Hosiery (40 pairs)

2862 Coleman Gas Lamps

2872 Brown Jugs

288Fireplace Book-ends – Cast Iron & Brass

289Old Wooden Ironing Board

290Vintage Movie Screen 

291Flat of Blue Willow Dishes

292White Milk Glass Hen on a Nest

293Amber Hen on a Nest

294Blue Hen on a Nest

295Fenton Ashtrays (3)

296Goofus Glass Bowl

297Wooden Ducks (5)

298Carved Wooden Ducks (2)

299Carved Wooden Loons (2)

300Trinket Cabinet

301Small Bag of Marbles & a Bag of Crochetted Doilies

302Silver Plate Tray, Tea Pot, Cream & Sugar

3032 Small Vases & a Metal Wall Hanging

304Covered Wagon Lamp

305Small Brass Bell and a Pair of Book-ends

3062 Meat Grinders & a Scale

3072 Lamp Shades and a Pin Cushion

308Small Table

309Vintage Babet Stove

310Flat of Key Chains and a Silver Plate Tray

311Paper Mache Vase

312Wash Stand in nice condition

313Pitcher, Bowl, Soap Dish & Brush Holder – Made in England

314Area Rug

315RCA Victor Radio and Phonograph Player

316Philco Radio/Record Player

317Silver Plate/Marble Ashtray Stand with Ashtray

318Silver Plate/Marble Ashtray Stand

319Kitchen Stool with Step

320Small Weaved Chair

321Metal Runner Sleigh

322Queen Anne Style Table with Insert

323Brass Bed Frame

324Floor Lamp with Imitation Onion Skin Shade

325More to be listed by Thursday due to additional consignments.  Photos will be posted Wed.  & Thurs.

GAM Broughton Estate Contents Sale

G.A.M. Broughton Estate Contents Sale

Online Only Sale, With A LIVE Auctioneer.

The Broughton Estate Sale will be sold Online Only, with pickup taking place at 1309 Osler Street In Saskatoon On July 12th, 13th and 14th. We are happy to ship items as well, but please take note of the large lot size and factor shipping costs into your bidding.

Auction Times

July 11, 2018 9:00 AM 

Vi Mcarty Saddle and Leather Shop Liquidation Sale

We have a complete dispersal of Vi McCarty's Saddle and leather shop. All Machines are in excellent working condition. All Antique machines dating to the late 1800's to early 1900's. 

In order of pictures…

Hot Stamp Machine 

Pull Splitter,  Leather Cutter

Pearson Sewing Machine ( there are 2 available)

Crank Splitter 

Riveter     Creaser

Singer Sewing Machine 

Bobbin Winder

Hydrolic Press and cutting dies 

Electric Stapler 

Singer Patcher

Farm Equipment

JD square Baler 

6 bale auto stacker 

Hesston 9' hayline 

1hc Manure spreader 

10' side delivery rake 

Hydrolic post pounder

HM utility trailer comes with fuel tank and pump 

2 round bale feeders 

Sommerville squeeze and head gate

Saddle Patterns

Misc leather 

Various Buckles, Clips, zippers  and Thread 

Stitching Horse 

Saddle Stand 

Various Hand tools

Big Valley Antiques and COllectible Sale


1997 Oldsmobile Aurora – Fully loaded, 150,00km

1995 Buick Road Master Sedan – 4 door, Fully Loaded, 120,000km

1988 Plymouth Sundance 2 door Hatchback – 5 speed standard transmission, 100,000km

1964 Chrysler New Yorker – Push button Transmission, V8 engine, Fully Loaded, 95,000km


Chrome Table and Chairs, Oval Kitchen table, Oval Coffee table, Wooden chairs, Dresser, Wardrobes, China Cabinet, 2 wood tables, Chaise, Large bookcase / Desk, Executive desk, book cases, bed side chair, stereo set, smaller buffet

Antiques & Collectibles

Carnival Glass, Depression Glass, batter bowls, teapots, vases, English china, Collection of dishes, Crystal items, Jugs, Gramaphone, Glass lamps from Canada and USA, 4 pattern beaded swirl and dine glasses (rare), Nash's tea tin, Westmoreland, Mini shoe collection, Steins, Blue mountain art glass, shot glasses, pie bird collection, Floor lamps, table lamps, bear pot, Several quality pictures, picture frames, Ertl piggy bank trucks, Ertl pepsi truck, decorator plates, Bossons, edison records, Belt buckles, record player, boxes of records, Beta and VHS tapes, Rock polisher kit and rocks, set of hardcover hardy boys books, Louis Lamour hardcover books, M&M containers, Christmas villages, plus much much more…..

Craft Items and Tools

Saddle, Unpainted wooden forms, Furniture to refinish, painting books, painting supplies, scrapbooking supplies, Quilting magazines, material and fat quarters, Jewlery making items, Sears air compressor, Table saw, tool chest and tools, Safe, Sears shop vac, Blow torches, jacks, saw horses, saws, wheel burrow, room dividers, Patio furniture and more…..


Consignment Auction Saturday April 14th at 10 am

Consignment Auction – Saturday, April 14th, 2018 – 10:00 a.m. – Partial Listing

Furniture: Folding Cot * Magazine Rack * Student’s Desk * Massage Table – excellent condition * Hanging Pant Rack on Wheels * Wine Rack * Solid Wood Bedroom Suite – Made In Canada * Oak Wall Cabinet with Topper and Shelves * Leather Sofa and Love Seat – great for the Man Cave * Half Moon Glass Table * Sewing Machine in a White Cabinet * Oak Solid Wood Dining Table w/6 Chairs (table has 2 – 18” leaves) * Good Solid Wood China Cabinet * Baker’s Rack * 2 – 4 Drawer Dressers * Solid Wood Bookshelf w/6 Shelves * Small Bookshelf w/3 Shelves * Small White Dresser * Wooden CD Stand * Solid Wood L-Shaped Office Desk & Matching 2 Drawer Legal/Letter Size Filing Cabinet * 3 Pc. Wall Unit (Solid Wood from Russia or Ukraine) * Old Trunk * Small Round Drop Leaf Table 

Tools & Related: Handy Man’s magazines * Engine Stand * ATV Hoist with Extension * Used Delta Shower Plumbing Fixtures * Door Fixture * Pressure Washer * Chain Saw * Router Table with Skil Classic Router * Heavy Duty Post Auger * 15” Band Saw * Furnace Blower * Picaroon * Mechanic Creeper * Crane Smart Scale with Instruction Manual * Recoil Trouble Light * 20 Crane Slings * Mastercraft Table Saw * Compressor * Turn Buckles & Hooks * Automotive Fan Belts

Household & Related: Large Selection of Costume Jewelry * Lapel Pins * Potpourri Items * Computer Speaker Set * CD’s * Stereo * Jewelery Box * DVD’s * Stuffed Toys * Records * Gravy Ladles * Large Cooking Pot * Bun Warmer * Volrath Stock Pot * Swiffer Sweeper * Box of Picture Frames * Lexmark Printer with Stand * Carpet Cleaner * Bissel Floor Vacuum * Two Boxes of Dolls * Doll in a Wicker Cradle * Hanging Picture * Candle Lantern * Paddle Key Rack * Christmas Card Holder * 2 – 2 Drawer Recipe Card Size Cabinets * Rapella Electric Knife * 5 Floor Furnace Duct Covers * Soup Tureen * Frosted Bowl * Candle Holders (6)

Specialty Items: 3 Wine Carboys and a Bag of Corks * #10 Hall Oilers Jersey * Native Pull-over Shirt * Box of Electric Train Cars & Parts * Set of Golf Clubs & Carrier (right hand) * 8 Small Animal Traps * Vintage Tins * Mini Violin * Rifle Sling * Pellet Gun * Daisy BB Gun w/BBs * Trail Ride BB Gun * Old Double Wash Tubs w/Lid * Large Fishing Net * 2 Small Toy Sail Boats * Meat Saw * Bottle Corker * Number Embossing Machine * Jennings Compound Bow w/6 Arrows * Small Beacon Lantern * 2 Old Gas Blow Torches * Gold Panning Manual * Enlarger Condensor * Box of Old Records * Quad Gun Case * 2 – Hot Dog Machines

Yard Related & Recreational: 2 Rolls of Tar Paper * 3 Man Float Tube (pull behind a boat) * Insulated Tarp * Fertilizer Spreader * 4 Quad Rims * Life Vest * Large Fishing Net * New Cast Iron Weather Vane * 2 x 2 Metal Box * Coleman Gas Lamp * 12 Quad Tires



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